Steel plant and auxiliary casting materials

For steel manufacture and remelting, fluxes in particular (usually fluorites, fragmented sizes or powder) are used as well as slag-forming components. A wide range of different grades of fluorite powders suitable for this purpose are available to you.

In terms of casting applications, we offer a broad variety of refractory raw materials for the production of molds and finishes. These materials include primarily aluminum oxides (standard or Na2O-free: calcined, tabular alumina, corundum), fused quartz (fused silica; granulated, powdered), grog, zirconium silicate, zirconium oxide. Grain size and grain size distribution of the raw materials employed often play a vital role in the casting processes. Accordingly, we have tightly defined grain size distribution standards within the given specifications for the respective raw materials (sands and granulated and powered materials) we offer. Grain size range limits within each fraction are strictly adhered to. These also include, among others, fully dedusted fractions with smallest possible amount of fine particles and, of course, without oversized grains. We would be happy to check if we can provide the specific qualities you need.

  • Fluorites
  • Zirconium silicate
  • Aluminum oxide (calcined, corundum, tabular alumina
  • Mullite, Grog
  • Oxides, molten (Mg, Ca, Zr)
  • Fused quartz (fused silica)