Since abt. 1880 our company is active in mining, processing and trading of raw materials.

At the beginning we started with processing of locally available minerals. Family owned in third generation we meanwhile are running three locations with production facilities and warehouses.

Our customers appreciate our competence and long term experience with regard to their quality requirements. Consequently most of our products are available in various different sizes/granulometries.


Corresponding to the changing demands of our clients and to the fluctuation in availability of suitable raw materials we nowadays offer a broad range of tailormade products sourced from all over the globe.

  • Our products are used worldwide in the following fields of application:
  • production of welding consumables
  • brake pads and linings
  • refractories
  • grinding wheels
  • steel works, investment casting
  • metallurgy
  • glas, paper, fillers
  • ceramics, email, glaze
  • feeding stuffs and fertilizers
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Besides manufacturing of own products our equipment allows us to offer toll services like: drying, grinding, sieving, air classifying, homogenization, blending, removal of fines, magnetic separation, upgrading, etc., of raw materials.

All standard products are available on short term ex our warehouses.